Why Care?

Your World is Full of Spent Fuel…

  • As of 2009, about 240,000 metric tons of heavy metal, mostly uranium, in spent nuclear fuel exists worldwide.
  • Approximately 10,500 tons of heavy metal is generated each year.
  • The US has 64,500 tons of spent fuel, Russia has 13,000 tons of spent fuel.
  • Spent fuel remains radioactive for many years and poses a significant risk.
  • Spent fuel is vulnerable to nuclear terrorism, nuclear power plant accidents, and environmental disasters.
  • Plutonium in nuclear spent fuel can be used to create a nuclear weapon
  • Radioactive spent fuel could be used to make a dirty bomb
  • Spent fuel can emit lethal radiation for many many years.
  • Where is all the spent fuel going to go?
  • So far there are no promising solutions to this problem.
Source: Managing Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors by International Panel on Fissile Materials, Sept 2011.